Ironweed Labrador Retrievers

Is proud to be the home Of the AKC NUMBER ONE FEMALE PRODUCER OF HUNT TEST DOGS.(all Years)  SR Ironweed Boom Boom Butterfly MH CGC WC WCX.

Fly has produced 12 AKC Master Hunters, a total of 197 master passes, 3 HRC Finished titles, 4 NAHRA  Master Hunter Retrievers. Many Senior and Junior Hunter titled progeny.  Obedience title, Agility Titles, Dock Divers, of merit.

Deceased April 3 2017


Progeny of SR Ironweed Boom Boom Butterfly MH CGC WC WCX

Fats Waller's Joint is Jumping  MH 5MNH.  Fats is a Fly x Sunny puppy   With his 2013 pass, in which he had no handles on his marks, he is a five time master National qualifer, and a Master National Hall of fame dog . Owned by Kathy Folsom.

SR HRCH UH Ironweed Tax Day Auditor  MH 2MNH WC WCX, aka Audit.  A Fly x Sunny puppy.  A two time Master national qualifer. Owned by Greg Oyer   Deceased

Sonny Madison on the Fly SH, aka Mattie.  Mattie is a Fly x Sonny puppy.  Owned by Lesley Karnes and Doug Janes.  Mattie has produced master National qualifing dogs.

Furguson's Retired Veteran  MH 5MNH, aka Vet.  Vet is a Fly x Sonny puppy. Vet is a five time Master National quailifer, and a Master National Hall of Fame dog.  Owned by Sam and Jeannie Ferguson.  Vet finished his career with 99 Master Passes.

GMHR Ironweed's Lady Abbigal SH, aka Abby.  Abby is a Fly x Sonny Puppy. Owned by Dave and Georgie Koslosky.  Abby is the first dog Dave trained and she got her GMHR, By qualifying 15 out of 17 test.  Abby qualitied at the 2013 NAHRA invitational.  Congratulations Abby and Dave.

Ironweed Taj Mahul MH, aka Taj.  Taj is a Fly x Sonny puppy.  Taj is owned by Kathern and Dan Kelly.

MHR Ironweed's Diamond In The Rough  MH WC WCX CGC TDI AX AXJ aka Jewel.  Jewel is a Fly x Ram puppy.  Owned by Nancy Eisaman   Jewel excells in Field work, Agility, Obedience, and is a wonderful therapy dog.  Jewel won a award of Merit at Sallie Sullivans Borderline invational 2016

Delstar's Minnie Pearl Ironweed MH, aka Pearl. Pearl is a Fly x Ram Puppy.  Owned by Lynn Double Risinger.

MHR HRCH Precious Ironweed Ramblin Xena MH WC WCX RN, aka Xena.  Xena is a Fly x Ram puppy. Owned by Lorraine and Harrold Fox.  Xena is a triple crown field dog.  She has Hunt test master level titles in AKC, NAHRA and UKC.

Ironweed Luna NA NJ, aka Luna   Fly x Copper.  Luna is owned by Lisa Brichell.


MHR HRCH Ironweed Hidden Treasure  QAA MH, CDX  aka Jasper.  Jasper is a Fly x Copper Puppy.  He has a HRC seasoned title.  Jasper has passed the AKC Master National, and qualified at the 2013 NAHRA invitational.   Jasper has passes his novice obedience title with score of 1981/2  second place, and 194 a third place, and Finished his CD in April 2013. Finishes his CDX in 2015  Congratulation Jasper and Michele.  Jasper has joined another elete club as he has run a hunt test and got all 10 a perfect score. Owned by Paul and Michele Rappl.

Ironweed Carbon Copper Cadet MH, Aka Cadet.  Cadet is a Fly x Copper Puppy.   Cadet is owned by Vicki Koch.

Ironweed Paxton On The Fly   Ultimate Air, Master Diver, Elite Diver. United Master Jumper, aka Paxton.  Paxton is a Fly X Copper puppy. Paxton partisipated in the Dock Diving World Championship in 2012 as a 3 year old.  Owned by Alisa Grace Jaroszynski.  Paxton is still dock diving at 10 years old and still will first place ribbons.

SR Ironweed Copper Money On The Fly MH CGC TDI CD NA NAJ, aka Penny, Penny is a Fly x Copper puppy. Owned by Nancy Eisaman. Penny excells at her work, in the Field, Obedience, and agility.  She has finished her Novice agility titles.  Penny is one of a kind, like her mama Fly, Life is all about FUN and how much of it you can get into one day.

SHr Ironweed Lulu Pearl aka Lulu  sired by Sonny out of Fly.  Run sparcly on the hunt test circut.  Lulu did what many Ironweed dogs have had the pleasure of doing for there owners.  She was mostly a family hunting dog on Cane Mills, John Tompson's Plantation in Georgia.  Serving the whole family well and enjoying every minute of it.

MHR Ironweed Kiss me Kate, aka Kate,  Sired by Copper out of Fly.  A hard Charging, great marking dog. Owned by Dave and Georgie Koslowsky. Trained and handled by Dave

Peak'a Gamin Gal MH, aka Teaser.  Teaser is a Fly x Copper Puppy.  Owned by Tammy Adsitt and Renee Haers

Grace Farms EZ Money Ironweed MH RN,  aka Red.  Red is a Fly x Copper puppy.  Red also competes in obedience.  Owned by Mary Fowler.


Our Foundation, In the beginning

WR Ironweed Indigo Gromet MH WC WCX CGC  Gromet was bred by Mary Howley born on July 9, 1997.  Her sire is FC AFC Cedar Valley Hi-Bird Turk MH x AFC Candlewood Tru-Grit. She is our foundation here at Ironweed Labs. She is 16 and is still retrieving. 


Gromet had puppies sire by FC AFC Abe's Ebony and Ivory, and FC 2XNAFC Candlewood Ramblin Man.


Deceased March 25. 2014   16 years 8 months

Progeny of WR Ironweed Indigo Gromet MH CGC WC WCX

SR Ironweed Boom Boom Butterfly MH WC WCX  aka Fly, sire FC AFC Abe's Ebony and Ivory x Gromet.  Fly's wonderful personality and her outstanding preformnce, is only out done by her legacy as a producer.  Fly is the NUMBER ONE FEMALE PRODUCER (All Years) of Hunt Test dogs. 


I would like to extent a thank you, and great appreciation to all who own and have campained there Fly puppies for her to have this great honor.


Fly has produced 12 AKC Master Hunter titled dogs to date.  With a total of 19 master titles inclucing 4 NAHRA and 3 UKC.     Obedience dogs, Agility dogs, and Dock Diving dogs of great merit.


 Fly has had puppies sired By Sunbeam lV MH  aka Sunny,  FC 2XNAFC Candlewood Ramblin Man  aka Ram.  and FC AFC CAFC Money Talks  aka Copper.  they are noted through out the web site. .

Deceased April 3,2017  15 years 9 months


FC AFC Ironweed Hi-Bird Shooter*** MH 3MNH,  aka Shooter.  Shooter is a Gromet x Ram puppy.  Master Hunter at 18 Months.  Three time Master National qualifier. Started running field trials at 6 years of age Qualified for the 2011 national amatuer and 2013 open national and Amatuer National.  Shooter is 11 1/2 years old and still running Field Trials.

Owned by Paul and Karen Brown.                                                                Deceased December 2015

WR Ironweed Ramblin Ruby RedHot MH WC WCX,  aka Ruby. Ruby was a Gromet X Ram puppy. Ruby Never failed a test on her way to a title.  JH 9 Month, SH 13 Months. MH 22 months,  Owned by Nancy Eisaman

Deceased November 2011