Ironweed Hi-Bird Pistol PknPixi MH CGC TKN

Ironweed Hi-Bird Pistol PknPixi MH CGc YKN  sire  FC AFC Ironweed Hi-Bird Shooter MH 3 MNH Hall Of Fame x SR Ironweed Copper Money On The Fly MH CD CGC TDI NA NAJ. 

Bred, owned, trained and handled by Nancy Eisaman.  Pistol like her parents has great trainability and work ethic.  She ran her first AKC trial in Feb. 2017 for her first Junior pass. in the following month she finished her junior and senior titles.  She passed CVGRC her first Master test June 11 2017, BRC June 8, CCRC July 9, TRC July 21, PIRC Aug 13, 2017.  Passing Five straight test in 8 weeks for her Master Hunter.  Pistol had no handles on any of her marks in all of her test.  most amazing Pistol was just 2 years old when she finished her Master Hunter Title.  Pistol is a most devoted companion, always close by with an eye on what your doing.  

Ironweed She's a Firecracker MH CGC WC TKN OA AX AXF

Ironweed She's a Firecracker MH CGC WC OA AXJ AXF TKN aka Crack, (Ironweed Eye Of the Storm MH WC WCX QAA2  X Ironweed Lorie's All That Jazz WC CGC TDI RN BN.  Crack

was bred by and is owned, trained, and handled by Nancy Eisaman. Could not help but add a testimonial to this great dog.  Crack is all that any one could ask for in a true working Labrador retriever.  She has flawlessly worked  in the field and agility going back and forth with precise execution.  JH four test at 10 months.  Agility NA NAJ. Six months from the beginning of training to both titles with amateur handler Aimee Eisaman.  Senior Hunter Feb and March 2017 titled,  Passed 5 Master test in 7 weeks,

GPGRC  May 25,2017     CVGRC  June 9, 2017

BRC    June  18,2017      LRC      June 25, 2017

CCRC   July 10,2017,  finishing her Master Hunter at 3 years old.  Crack had no handles on any of her marks in the 5 master test that she passed.  One Month back at agility training Crack qualified Sept 2 an 3, and Oct 28 2017 in Open Standard agility trials.  Three first place ribbons, with no faults. for her Standard Open Agility title  (thanks Kris Bucheit).  In between the agility test October 16 2017 Crack won first place at the SWPAHRC Singles Competition.  This was Crack fourth first place win at this event.  She won the Junior (Under2 years old) in 2014,  She won her first open in 2015 as a two year old,  first place open win 2016 as a three year old, and 2017 fourth consecutive win at this event.  Crack also doubles as a sweet little house dog that loves to sit on you lap.    Nancy Eisaman  724 863-4390

This Story of Crack could never have been written with out the grace of a wonderful friend, Lorie Gilkey.  My Ruby, WR Ironweed Ramblin Ruby Redhot MH WC WCX, was Killed at a very young age.  I was unexpectledy left with no Progeny out of her.  Lorie was kind enough to postpone the spaying of her Ruby daughter Ironweed Lorie's all that Jazz WC CD CGC TDI RN BN and allow me to lease her for the litter that produced Crack.

To the left are pictures of Ruby (on Top) and Crack (below).  not only is there a uncanny resembelence  in there look, but there is like a little clone in there personality as well.   every day she makes my smile with her antics. And every day I thank lorie Gilkey for the joy of having Crack.

Ironweed Miss Liberty RN JH and Ironweed Firecracker Fusion Master Diver DD invitational. CGC TN MJ


We searched, made phone calls and looked at over 12 different breeders prior to finding Ironweed labs. Needless to say I was getting a little discouraged. Either I didn’t like the conditions of the kennels or the dogs pedigrees were marginal.  After searching a lot of different kennels and pedigrees to find what I was looking for I finally got referred by a friend of a friend to Ironweed Labs. When I found out Ironweed labs were in Pennsylvania I was a little reluctant to pursue the lead but I am extremely happy I did. 
After lots of phone time pictures and pedigree studying I was sold. Being breeders of GSP’s I wanted a relationship with a breeder that I could call up and discuss dogs and not feel like I was just another dog buyer. I found no matter what I asked, Nancy knew her lines and had answers and was more than willing to be upfront and forthcoming with information. I explained I wanted a high performance dog that wanted to please their handler. Ironweeds delivered. Yes I drove roughly 20 hours straight to pick out my puppy. Even though she was up all night delivering another litter puppies she was extremely hospitable even to the point she offered up a quiet place for us to get some shut eye after looking at the puppies. But I couldn’t sleep I found I tossed and turned for a hour and then back out playing with the puppies until Liberty Picked me. After making my decision (which was very hard to do because there was not a bad choice among the four females I was looking at) we did all the paperwork and headed the 20 hours back home. Since that day Liberty hasn’t disappointed me. Not saying we don’t have off days but I have had a lot more wow days then off days. Nancy stayed in touch and became a mentor and Cheerleader for Liberty and I. 
About a year went by and somehow my wife suddenly wanted to have a Labrador herself. So after seeing a picture of a puppy available from her latest litter I found myself making another would have been 20hr drive to pick up another one. (however again she went out of her way and met us part way) My wife was in love with him the second she saw Aiden and the bond has only grown since. Now she has a dog that will do anything for her for the small price of love and maybe the occasional cookie. Due to hardship on the family this year we were unable to compete near as much as we wanted to but we still able to put Junior hunter and Rally Novice on Liberty and her first Leg of Senior hunter Plus two legs for her HRC started title. Now just over 2 years old
Aiden was a jumping fool took first place with a jump of 16’2” with very little training. Plus he got his CGC title, a leg for HRC started title, and first leg for Rally novice. Now just over 1 ½ year old.
Yes these dogs perform but at the end of the day they come in the house and let you know they just love being part of the family. Our Two young boys love to play with them and have been found throwing a tennis ball for Liberty or lying down on or around Aiden to watch cartoons.
I highly recommend Ironweed labs to anyone looking for a performance field lab that with the right diet, training, and exercise can accomplish anything.

FC AFC Ironweed Hi-Bird Shooter QAA MH 3MNH

Shooter  was a only puppy sired by  FC 2AFC Candlewood Ramblin Man out of WR Ironweed Indigo Gromet MH CGC WC WCX.  A extrodinarly talanted dog.  I would like to thank Paul and Karen Brown for helping Shooter to be all that he could be




Paul Brown shared the following comment of his life with Shooter

 Shooter was a very precocious puppy. 
Interested, intent and always ready to play, train or find trouble –
aka- pulling the feathers out of my wood
duck mount.


Shooter started life as a hunt test competitor and achieved Master
Hunter at 19 months.   He continued in
the Hunt Test program until he was 6. He
had virtually an unblemished record, failing only two master tests in the time
frame when he was 12-16months old. 
Shooter attended 3 Master National events - Texas, Virginia and
Minnesota - passing all three without having to be handled on a single


In 2005 we began to run Field Trial Qualifying stakes. The transition from Master Hunter to
Qualifying competitor was not a difficult one and he soon began to JAM and
place and eventually became QAA. We also
continued to run hunt tests during this initial try at “the white coat
game”. I think it made little difference
to Shooter which game we were playing – it was just marks and blinds!


After the Minnesota Master National in 2008 we decided to focus on
field trials exclusively. Up to this point in time Shooter had received no formal training tailored to all age stakes – just sort of a stretched out Master Hunter program. The transition from QAA to All Age competitor
was a difficult one with little to no initial success. It was time to “fish or cut bait”. We needed help if we were to progress. His initial all age training took place
during the winter/spring of 2008-9. In
May of 2010 he placed 4th in an all age stake and won he his first
trial in the fall of that year. In 2011
Shooter qualified for the National Amateur Championship – the little old hunt
test dog had made it to the Big Dance!!

How sweet it was a year later to watch him pick up that last long
retired mark to win the Open and get his title.



For all of the competitions we’ve entered and games we’ve played I have
to say that Shooters two favorite activities remain joy riding in the Gator and
goose hunting – I vote for the last one as well.

Ironweed Hi-Bird Rascal MH 3MNH QAA2

Ironweed Hi-Bird Rascal MH 3MNH Master National Hall or Fame MAN QAA2  (FC AFC Ironweed Hi-Bird Shooter MH 3MNH QAA x  SR Ironweed Copper Money On The Fly MH CD CGC TDI NA NAJ).  A most couragious young puppy that went on to fulfill all the ideals I held for him. And all the dreams aspired by his owner Mary Gregg.  Rascal, at 2 has just begun his journey, it has been so exciting thus far.  Can't wait to see what is next.  2017 Qualified third straight master national test for the Master national hall of fame. And got Mary Her coveted Master National Ladies Challenge trophy. Qualified for and passed the first master amteur in 2017.

Rascal qualified for the second time at just over two years of age for the Master National Event a few weeks ago.  My husband was in the gallery watching the two of us as we were going to the line in the third series. Behind him he heard a group of people comment "here comes a really good dog...wait till you see him run".  
If you judge Rascal by his accomplishments there is no doubt that he is a good dog:
**Master Hunter at 21 months old
**Qualified to attend Master Nationals at one year and two years old
**Youngest dog at Master National 2015 to finish and pass
**Qualified All Age at 26 months
But what makes Rascal really special is his heart, his desire, his sweetness and his devotion.
Rascal is always ready to work in the field.  There is a rare bird that he doesn't mark and retrieve.  He handles on his blind retrieves like the consummate team player that he is and our teamwork together is a reflection of the training and love we both have of this "game" and for each other.  Every test he has attended, every pass we have achieved has been together as he is totally Amateur handled (by me).
I am a big believer in the role that genetics and early-age environment have on the ultimate success of these competitive, high performance animals.  I am grateful to Nancy Eisamen and Ironweed Labs for breeding Rascal and for investing the time and expertise in his early weeks/months.  She is the first reason that Rascal is a "good" dog and that I get to call him mine.
Mary Gregg and Ironweed Hi-Bird Rascal MH QAA
April 2016

Ironweed Guage

Ironweed Guage (FC AFC Ironweed Hi-Bird Shooter MH 3MNH QAA x SR Ironweed Copper Money On the Fly MH CD CGC TDI NA NAJ) Bought for Eugene Mcfadden as a hunting dog and Companion. Like a true Ironweed labrador retriever he excells at both.  Not all Ironweed puppies are super stars in competition, however they are super stars in the eyes of ther owners for full filling what ever there needs may be.

First and foremost I wanted a working dog, and I got that with Gauge.  He has as much drive, enthusiasm, and will to please as any retriever I have been around.  He is super athletic, has a great nose, and is extremely obedient.  Gauge is a high energy dog in the field and absolute pleasure to be around.  At home he is relaxed, calm, and very sweet.  His best friend is my 2 yr old son, they love each other.  His favorite past time is duck hunting, but will settle for shed hunting if there are no birds to shoot.  Fabulous companion.
Guinness McFadden
1217 Hedden Rd.
Versailles,  KY  40383
cell: 859 519 8103

Mowtowns Magic Man MH 5MNH


Moe – senior hunter 19 mos. Master hunter 26 months. Failed only 1 Master Test at 25 mos. Passed 22 weekend test and 3 master nationals. Never failed  a national with first Master National Q at 3 years old.  Record 25 for 26. Outstanding well balance dog you can walk to the line having great confidence. One of the most loving dogs I have ever owned. We only run about 5 test plus nationals each year or his record would be even more impressive. Currently 5 (and 2 months) years old.


John Higgins

GMHR Ironweed Lady Abigal SH

Abby is out of the second breed of Sunbeam IV MH out of SR Ironweed Boom Boom Butterfly MH CGC WC WCX.  With high expectations and a great love for Fly,   Dave and Georgie set out on this wonderful adventure with Abby.  Having never trained a dog before for the master level of competition.  Abby got her NAHRA GRAND MASTER HUNTER RETRIEVER, passing 15 out of 17 attempts.  So thrilled are they with there experience with Abby, Dave and Georgie filled there lives with another Fly Puppy( x FC AFC Money Talks II)  Ironweeds Kiss Me Kate.  Another force to be reconned with.


Dave make the following comments about his life with Abby.

Every once in awhile you see a dog & think to yourself, boy would I
love to have a dog like that. Well we were very lucky to get a puppy from
Ironweeds Boom Boom Butterfly MH CGC WC WCX 6 1/2 years ago we brought Abby home. This was the first lab we trained and ran in hunt  tests. Dave did all the
training himself, with help of course from our lab club friends. Abby made it
easy, she was full of drive & desire plus a great temperament. Who could ask
for anything more? How she could turn that drive off when she comes in the house
from the field I will never know, but in the house she is a couch potato. She is
great with our grandkids. On April 21, 2012, Abby achieved the title of GMHR, so
she is now GMHR Ironweeds Lady Abigail SH. What fun this has been getting to
this level. But if the truth be known, Abby is her happiest spending time in
Manitoba duck hunting or going pheasant hunting.  This has been so much fun for
us.  It is hard to believe I now have â dog like that.   Thanks, Fly!

Ironweed Super Sonic Boom SH


Boomer Sired by FC Candlewood Man In Black out of WR Ironweed Diamond In The Rough MH CGC WC WCX TDI NA NAJ .   Robert Herrera from Miami contaced me for a puppy, because of his relationship with Eddie Rodrigues and his dog Diesel.  He wanted a puppy Fast and Furious,  I sent him Boomer.  Robert and Boomer have been on a roll since.  Passing his first Junior test just days over 6 month, and finishing his JH At eight months and passing his first two Senior test on the same weekend.  Boomer is pictured above on his 4 ribbon weekend.  Boomer finished his SH with 4 straight passes at 12 months.  Looking forward to lots of fun in the future.  Robert invites any one to call him.  He would love to share his stories about Boomer.


Robert's comments on life with Boomer.

Attached is a picture that is truly worth 1,000 words for me.  We where
lucky to purchase a puppy from Mrs. Eisaman last year.  I explained exactly what
I was looking for in a new puppy and Mrs. Eisaman was great in matching the
right puppy for our family.  Boomer is out of the August 27, 2011
litter from Jewel and Cash.  We recieved Boomer in October 2011 and from the
beggining we knew that we had a very talanted puppy.  Boomer has been a pleasure
to train.  He learns quickly and truly enjoys training.  We started Boomer's
Hunt Test carreer at the young age of 6 months where he earned his first JH
ribbons.  We quickly realized that we had to challange Boomer just a little more
so we started training him on blinds and multiple marks.  On May 5, 2012 Boomer
was entered in the Labrador Retriever Club of Piedmont's Spring Hunt Test in
Cheraw, SC.  Boomer truly exceeded our expectations that weekend.  He earned his
JH title and two passes twards his SH title. A perfect four ribbon weekend. 
Boomer is now running complex triple marks and running blinds past 300 yards. 
We look forward to the upcoming Hunt Test season where Boomer will start his
chase for the Master Hunter title.
Mrs. Nancy Eisaman has truly created a quality line of field Labrador
Retreivers.  She is a friend and partner in the life of our beloved dogs always
available to answer any questions well beyond the initial purchase.
Robert Herrera
Miami, FL

Ironweed Lorie's All That Jazz CD TDI CGC BN RN WC


Jazzy out of WR Ironweed Ramblin Ruby Redhot MH WC WCX sired by FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II.  Her nickname as a puppy was Firecracker.  She has such joy and zest for life and her work she is always a joy to watch.

Lorie has never trained a dog for competition before Jazzy,Lorie shares her feeling about Jazzy.


As a professional dog groomer for 15 years, I know th importance of a healthy body and mind as well as desire and drive to be a well rounded preformance dog.  I found all these qualities and more in the Ironweed lines.  I purchased my wonderful Jazzy in 2009.  We are now competing in obedience and rally, placing every time.  We are also attending agility and retrieving lessons.  Whe ask by a instructor "can your dog preform the task at head".  I just smile and answer "No problem".  Jazzy has wonderful work ethic and delights in getting it right.  She is also a wonderful companion and hiking friend.  We have just added another member to our Family.  Ironweeds Jumpin Jitter Bug.  At 10 weeks she is already showing all the qualities of a great working dog and family member.

Ferguson's Retired Veteran MH

Vet, out of SR Ironweed Boom Boom Butterfly MH CGC WC WCX  x Sunbeam IV MH. from the second breeding of Fly and Sonny. Vet was a very outgoing, quick learniing pecan eating little guy.  He was purchased by Sam and Jeannie Ferguson, he was to be Sam's new hunting companion and hunt test dog.         Vet is a two time Master National qualifier.  I have heard many times from Sam that Vet is the best hunting dog he has owned in his life.  always music to my ears,                Sam share his thoughts on Vet

Nancy, sending a few pictures of VET as you know he is absolutly the finest companion I had the pleasure to share time with. I would tell you I belong to him as much as he belongs to me.  There is a very special bond between us that I have never experienced before.  Unless you have spent time at hunt camp in a bunk bed with Vet laying next to you smoring in your ear, you would not understand the bond. You know from our convesation, He is a house pet a hunting fool and a MASTER NATIONAL QUALIFER.  What else needs to be said. Vet also won the Borderline Invatational.  You should also remember Vet is on a DUCKS UNLIMITED  T-SHIRT,one of my proudest moments.  But again he is a handsome devil.  Sam

Ironweed E Z Money at Grace Farm SH RN

Red, Ironweed EZ Money At Grace Farm SH RN. out of SR Ironweed Boom Boom Butterfly MH CGC WC WCX x FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II.  Fly and Copper puppy, who was a stand out handsome puppy.  Red has a wonderful outgoing personality.  He belongs to Mary Fowler, who was looking for a all round dog. Red participates in Hunt test, Obedience, and agility.  Mary's comments about Red are as follows:

Red, has a SH and RN Title with one Master Qualification. He has a lovely temperment with people, dogs, cats, and other pets.  Soft Mouthed, pin point marker, nice tight hunts, and is very biddable at long distances.  He has intense drive.  We are happy the his hips are OFA excellent, elbows normal, and cert eyes normal.  Red is very easy to keep fit for all of his endevors because he is moderate boned, nice musculation and never ending energy and perseverance.  His expression is warm, making lots of eye contact Having one dog do so many sports is very nice.    Mary Fowler.

NMH HR Ironweed Secret Treasure MH CD QAA


QAA MHR HR Ironweed
Secret Treasure MH CD (


Jaspar has been an exciting and
wonderful companion.   From the time we
picked him up at 8 weeks old, he showed us how special a dog he really was. He displayed that “willing to please”
attitude and love for learning.  


Jaspar ran 2 AKC Field Trial
Derbys and finished them both. His
training continued and he went on to earn his AKC Master Hunter title and qualified
at the prestigious Master National at 2 years old. Entered UKC HRC stakes and went 4 for 4 to earn
his Seasoned Hunting Retriever title. We
entered AKC Qualifying stakes and finished with a Reserve Jam. He had fun training for NAHRA, and quickly earned
his MHR title to qualify him for the 2013 Invitational. Jasper qualified at the 2013 NAHRA invitational.


Jaspar is an intelligent hunting
companion and test dog. We have had
several great dogs, but he is a unique dog – a perfect gentleman in the house,
ready to take on anything asked of him, and always excelling in the field. Teach him once and he retains it forever –
always asking “what’s next”?


He even exceeded my expectations
in the obedience ring although I am sure he would have rather been outside retrieving. But our Western New York winters brought us
indoors, so he accepted this new challenge. 
He finished his Novice Obedience Title giving me the same level of
attention as he does in the field.


He really is a special dog that
gives 100% - said not only by me, but by everyone who has helped me train
him. Jaspar is the epitome of the
Labrador – a great temperament, very tractable, intelligent, and a faithful
companion. Thank you, Nancy and Ironweed
Labs, for breeding this special dog.

Michele & Paul Rappl, Owners