A reason a mission statement, why we do what we do.  I breed Labrador Retrievers because I love the breed.  They have taken me to places I would not have ever gone.  I have met people who I would have never met, people who share my love for the breed and what they can do.  Many I now call Friends.

When I breed a litter I strive to reproduce the dog of my deams. Dogs that are structuraly sound and a pleasure to look at.  working dog able to work with out breaking down.  Temperment, Trainability,. team players, who find as much joy in training and preforming as there humans.  For me this is as important for the pet owner as for some one looking for a preformance dog.  When you are about to get a companion who you intent on sharing many years of your life with,  I believe you deserve a dog who is healthy and sound.  A puppy  who will be easy to train. A team player if you are teaching Parlor trick to entertain your friends, or competing in any level of Field Work, obedience, Dock Diving or Agility.  And we all deserve well mannered pets, who at the end of the day are just good company.

Puppies here at Ironweed, start there life in the living room. they are mothered and coddled on a regular basis by humans and other dogs as well.  Socilization begins at birth, they are handled many time daily.  Training and responding to human voices starts as there eyes and ears open and they start to stumble around.  Pleasant conditioned responces teach them early to enjoy human contact and to respond happly to simple commands.

At two to three week, puppies get to run through the room on blankets and sheets so they do not slip.  they begin to explore there world, and feel relaxed in new situations.  Then the exploring in the outdoor and the grass begins.  Puppies are put in the grass with there mother so they can nurse.  There first encounter in the great outdoors is a wounderful experience, with there mother ever near they quickly relax and become little adventures.

Dust at 4 weeks.

As time progresses Pups get long walks into the wood, free time to play in the marsh.  And as they get older walks through the tall grass and around the lake. Free play in the water, and climbing up and sliding down the stone pile becomes a daily event.  Always with mama close buy,  puppies learn to relax and take each new experience with no fear.

Stormin at 8 weeks, with mama Jewel.

Puppies at Ironweed, Having fun, growing strong, learning lifes lessons.